A 31 year former police Staff Sergeant veteran and an over 25 year survivor of PTSD, Syd shares his very unique insight in:

  • The development of awareness, resilience and resistance for employees and their families to trauma within the workplace;
  • Helping coach management towards policy and procedure development to address trauma in the workplace; and
  • Building peer support teams.

He shares his experiences with a constructive view and as an opportunity to positively move forward.

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Books by Syd


How To Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support

This book provides insightful techniques to the development of awareness, resilience and resistance for employees and their families to trauma within the workplace. It also offers assistance for management towards the development of policy and procedure to address trauma in the workplace and finally offers techniques for building peer support teams.


56 Seconds

Syd tells the gripping real life story of how his life took a dramatic turn in just 56 Seconds. He reveals the secrets to his healthy survival based on a solid foundation of peer support, friends, family and medical practitioners.

"The learning experience for us and our students was immense! Your story is commanding and impactful and your style of delivery very, very engaging. Thank you sincerely for your Mohawk trip and for sharing your story to guide others."

"Syd is a very passionate and engaging speaker who is devoted to helping others. By sharing his personal experience as a PTSD survivor, Syd provides hope to other officers who have suffered psychological injuries from traumatic events faced during their policing career.  Syd provides a unique contact-based training where his experience offers instant credibility with fellow police officers. Syd is an excellent resource for any policing organization looking to implement new strategies and solutions such as a peer support programs in their workplace to reduce the stigma of psychological health issues."

"Syd Gravel is a captivating speaker, who engages his audience with his powerful and inspiring story. His work in '56 Seconds' will also serve as an important reference guide for organizations preparing to help their members help each other."

"It was a great seminar, informative and inspiring presentations, and very engaged participation by the attendees. A great success. Clearly, your stories resonated with participants' experience - and it complemented well with the collective learning that emerged from the dialogues of the Equity Project."

"Syd gave an excellent presentation that I attended. He provided clear information on PTSD and why university/college departments of university safety need to be aware of the issue in their departments. Syd speaks from the heart and is honest, informative and engaging. I highly recommend him as a speaker."