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A 31 year former police Staff Sergeant veteran and an over 28 year survivor of PTSD, Syd is the Team Lead for the Canadian National Peer and Trauma Support Systems Team for the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (  and the Senior Advisor for Badge of Life Canada (

Syd is the author of “56 Seconds” a best selling book on the development of informal peer support and “How to Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support” with more detailed information to help in the development of formal peer support.  His third book, “Workplace Diversity – How to Get it Right” addresses the management of cultural change projects.

Syd has extensive experience and unique insight in:

  • The development of awareness, resilience and resistance for employees and their families to trauma within the workplace;
  • Helping coach management towards policy and procedure development to address trauma in the workplace; and
  • Building peer support teams.

He shares his experiences with a constructive view and as an opportunity to positively move forward.

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Books by Syd


How To Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support

This book provides insightful techniques to the development of awareness, resilience and resistance for employees and their families to trauma within the workplace. It also the foundation piece of what peers need to know in the development of formal or informal peer groups. It also offers assistance for management towards the development of policy and procedure to address trauma in the workplace.


56 Seconds

“56 Seconds” is the foundation piece that everyone who is contemplating developing an informal peer support group must read. Syd tells the real life story of how his life took a dramatic turn in just 56 Seconds and how that lead to the formation of an informal peer support group that has survived since 1988 and has helped hundreds of police officers survive the trauma of fatal to near fatal work related incidents. He reveals the secrets to his healthy survival based on a solid foundation of peer support, friends, family and medical practitioners.

"In his speech, Syd displays an innate desire to do all that he can, to ensure that this and future generations of police officers will be better prepared individually and collectively, to contend with the rigors of cumulative and critical trauma, that they will inevitably face during a police career."

"Your presentation was beyond our expectations and you nailed the message we were looking for to give to our family members. Thanks so much."

"In 1987, Syd was involved in a very traumatic incident in which a robbery suspect lost his life. The event deeply affected Syd. To his credit he helped develop a comprehensive Police Service Peer Support Network on dealing with PTSD. It is Syd's legacy to the Ottawa Police."

"Entertaining, engaging, heartfelt and demonstrative! That is a good start to describing how Syd Gravel interacts with students. Syd's session to the Justice Studies cluster of Programs at Mohawk College was fantastic."

"He had members of the audience hanging on his words. There were those who shed tears of empathy as well. Through this, many began to see policing with a new awareness, provided by an experienced, respected and valued officer (recently retired). I have since heard many accolades about this presentation from members of the audience."