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Walk the Talk – First Responder Peer Support

The book everyone has been asking for. Developed by using over 55 years of experience and knowledge by two titans in the peer support and trauma management world and best-known speakers on police trauma survival.
Staff Sergeant (ret’d.) Brad McKay co-founder of the York Regional Quad-Services Critical Incident and Peer Support Teams and Staff Sergeant (ret’d.) Sylvio (Syd) Gravel, M.O.M., co-founder of the Ottawa Police Service’s Robin’s Blue Circle – an informal post shooting trauma peer team in existence since 1988. Both have been giving lectures and speeches on peer support and trauma management for years and now they have put all of their knowledge in Walk the Talk – First Responder Peer Support. Click here to learn more.

It addresses:

    • Protecting Society’s Protectors
    • Assessing an Organization’s Awareness
    • Getting Management Onside
    • Organizational Pre-Hiring Preparedness
    • Organizational Support for Families
    • Middle Management Leadership
    • Developing CISM Teams
    • Developing Peer Support Teams
    • Staffing CISM and Peer Support Teams
    • Organizational Training for CISM and Peer Support Teams
    • How a CISM and Peer Support System Can Work
    • Walking the Talk – The Last Word
    • Survivor’s Testimonials

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How to Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support

ISBN: 978-0-9881316-5-1 (E-pub version)
ISBN: 978-0-9881316-4-4 (Print version)

In this revised edition, there are 25 teaching or discussion points for police and emergency services recruiters, trainers and college/university professors who prepare people to work in police and emergency services and other trauma-related environments. This book provides insightful techniques to address the correlation between recruiting and new recruit-training practices, and the ability of employees and organizations to address trauma within the workplace, as well as build peer support.

These techniques were acquired over 10 years of recruiting and training, when Syd was the officer-in-charge of those sections, and 22 years as a PTSD survivor. As a bonus, this edition includes comprehensive information, written and previously published by Dr. Anna B. Baranowsky, clinical psychologist and CEO of the Traumatology Institute; and Teresa Lauer, LMHC from their work entitled “What is PTSD? 3 Steps to Healing Trauma”. As an added bonus, this edition also discusses whether survivor experience and certification is required for peers.

This book features:

  • New sections, including expanded experiences from our Spouses, and sincere and heart-felt “Survivor’s Testimonials” on how to live with and move on in life with PTSD
  • Insight & training points to address building resilience to trauma
  • 5 key questions to ensure the well-being of employees, including retired members, in relation to trauma and PTSD
  • How to build Peer Support – based on Syd’s 25 years’ experience as founder of a peer support group for officers involved in fatal or near fatal work related incidents
  • And so much more!

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56 Seconds

ISBN: 978-0-9881316-1-3 (E-pub version)
ISBN: 978-0-9881316-0-6 (Print version)

In his first book as a 31-year veteran of the Ottawa Police Service, Syd tells the gripping real life story of how his life took a dramatic turn in just 56 seconds.

He shares how he survived post-traumatic stress, as a two-time shootist, during his years of work as a front line police officer. In 56 Seconds, Syd reveals the secrets to his healthy survival based on a solid foundation of peer support, friends, family and medical practitioners.

For deeper insights into his experiences and lessons on his road to recovery from post-traumatic stress, 56 Seconds is a must read.

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