Slay the Toxic Dragon


Slay The Toxic Dragon is a must read and a must have for anyone either in a leadership role, or anyone who aspires to be the leader that they were born to be.”
Pete Grande, Director-Member Benefits, Toronto Police Association


ISBN: 978-0-9881316-9-9 (E-pub version)
ISBN: 978-0-9881316-8-2 (Print version)

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Toxicity is one word no executive ever wants to hear as it relates to their organization. It is understandable that organizations and the leaders within want to portray their work environment as supportive of their members when it comes to mental health, but we see far too many being hurt and unsupported for us to not speak out.

Toxicity can be very subtle. The more people talk about respect and support within the workplace the more elusive and conniving and controlling sources of toxicity can become. If it isn’t nipped in the bud, then toxicity can destroy an organization.

This book is truly about leaders taking ownership of their own environment and doing what is right. The more they know about what can go wrong the more likely they are to not let it take hold.

Filled, from beginning to end, with example after example of survivors’ testimonials as to things gone wrong and strategies offered to address such situations and dilemmas based on a combined over 102 years of experience.

All of the contents are anonymous, leaving everyone thinking… “Is this about me?”